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Automated Value Check

AVM Value Check

Below are few links to automated value check websites using AVM - Automated Valuation Models.  AVM is a useful tool to estimate home values, it works great in tract home areas in a stable market when information is publicly available.  However, the reliability and confidence levels of AVM vary a great deal depend on how the raw data used in the analysis and how update and available the data base is. A widely known AVM site to show house value and market trends.  Zillow's comparables are much more updated than few years ago.
Cyberhomes Provides excellent analysis of value trend for home and the neighborhood.  Along with property details, sale history, and tax information.  Used by Bank of America
FinestExpert This site is by far the best of all, with thorough analysis and data.  It is valuable site to analysis your investment properties.  Great tool for investors.

Chase Home
Value Estimator

Used by Chase Bank.  The comparables used are slightly dated.  User can modify property data to recalculate the home value.


Another valuation site.  Sold comps seems not very updated.     Homing Device analysis is unique among all free AVMs. 
These AVMs are free and no obligation market analysis, they are not prepared, evaluated, or reviewed by licensed professional appraisers, but they are great places to start. 

BPO or Desk Appraisal

BPO Value Check BPO (Broker Price Opinion) is a Broker Price Opinion of the value of a property in the current market, it could be done by a broker or a appraiser.  A desk appraisal is a opinion of the value that can only be provided by a licensed appraiser. 

We, ARA real estate appraisers, are local appraisal experts serving

Greater Los Angeles area.  Using the most updated data sources, we analysis and evaluate your property information, sale history, sold comps, listing sales, and pending sales in the neighborhood, to provide you accurate and reliable value range of the property.  At a very affordable price, our professional opinion helps home owners, sellers, potential buyer, investors, agents, brokers, and financial institutions to make decisions, also save time and effort over the process.

To order desk review, just click here to order online.  We accept credit cards.  Turnaround time for desk review is less than one day in most cases.